Floating.point Issue #3 (0x02) Is Now Available!


Floating.point is a monthly literary, art and design ’zine published in Seattle and distributed everywhere.


Arundel Books, 212 1st Ave
Horizon Books, 1423 10th Ave
Ada’s Technical Books, 425 15th Ave E
Third Place Books, 6504 20th Ave NE

Do you write, draw, scribble, compose, scrawl, or scratch in the Pacific Northwest?

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Floating.point is a monthly literary, art and design ’zine published in Seattle.

We believe that arts and technology are expressions of the same vital energy of the human spirit and are completely compatible. We welcome you to submit your most entertaining and though-provoking attempts at this fusion. Especially if they resulted in explosions.

Floating.point is an integrated ‘zine representing the work of all possible and impossible minds and bodies from neurotypical human beings to trauma-informed neural networks, from mechanical Turks to Bolivian druids, from outsider artists to inside traders, from Afrofuturist romance novelists to Iranian Steampunk cosplay enthusiasts, from a wide range of social justice warriors, sorcerers, bards, clerics, monks, paladins, and wizards. Floating.point aims to deliver to our readers the most fanciful, phantasmal, and polychromatic words and pictures black on white can render.

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Floating.point 0x02

Released September 1, 2019 | Early Autumn

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In this issue (Early Autumn 2019, 0x02) we have some great illustrations from Stieg Retlin, Sean Michael Hurley, and Sami Ridge Loy; "The Wisdom of Thatch" comic by Bryan Allan Krauss; a poem from James B. Moore's recently published book, Open Heart Chronicles, and an interview with the prolific Seattle street artist miku, creator of the "be the light." stickers, who is spreading a positive message of hope around a city that is starting to buckle under its own wealth.

Floating.point 0x01

Released August 1, 2019 | Late Summer

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In this issue (Late Summer 2019, 0x01) we have a tale of heroism involving a robot suffering from dementia, a classic tale of libertarian squirrels pulling off the heist of the year, oodles of poems on subjects ranging from a missing moon to time machine regret, illustrations of dragons, plague doctors, and bio-actuated pedestrian ambulation containers, and so much more.

Floating.point 0x00

Released July 1, 2019 | Midsummer

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In this issue (July 2019, 0x00) we have an light-hearted essay, "Counting on Quantum Pebbles", a fictive tale of a mentally ill woman meeting the rainbow serpent, "Homeless is Not a Place", loads of comics, awesome illustrations by the incomparable Stieg Retlin, and the illustrated thriller, "The Thing that Ate Enumclaw".